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After preregistering through the link above, you will also have to submit a paper application to Goldsmiths University, available from Maureen Banas in 200 Scott Hall. You will be notified about further details on the paper application once your eligibility has been verified.

New Cross from the airThe program is based at Goldsmiths University (formerly Goldsmiths College) of the University of London system, located in New Cross, South East London, in Zone 2 of the public transportation system, and five minutes’ walk from New Cross or New Cross Gate Stations.

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All students on this program will take four classes, including a core course (see below for more details), which for Fall 2014 will be taught by the program’s resident director, Professor Joshua Sanborn of Lafayette’s History Department. Prof. Sanborn’s course will focus on the role of Britain in the First World War and on how such event played a significant role in European public memory (2014 being the centennial of the start of World War I, with many exciting events being planned at Goldsmith’s and throughout London).

LIbrary at GoldsmithsThe other three courses may be chosen from among all of Goldsmiths’ offerings (taking into account that some have prerequisites that must be met). Goldsmiths is particularly strong in the arts—including graphic, plastic, design, textiles, drama, music, and video—as well as English and comparative literature, computer science, public policy and political economy, and psychology (including cognitive science and neuroscience). All of your credits and all of your grades will transfer.

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GymPlease note that drama performance classes are kept quite small and fill up quickly, so students interested in these should apply as soon as possible.

Students who will be sophomores or juniors next fall may apply to this program; those who will be seniors next fall must submit a petition to the Academic Progress Committee for permission to apply.  While Lafayette requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80 for eligibility, Goldsmiths requests that applicants have a minimum GPA of 3.0; applicants with lower GPAs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that students on Disciplinary Probation Level 1 or Level 2 may not study abroad.

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The first 25 eligible students who apply to the program will be admitted; subsequent applicants will be placed on a wait list.

Why should I choose this program?

  • Student bedroom at GoldsmithsGoldsmiths is an outstanding college with excellent facilities, located in Zone 2, with on-campus housing (in a single with private bathroom!)
  • You will take three of your four classes alongside U.K. students—you will not be limited to classes exclusively for study abroad students
  • Your Lafayette tuition and room fee will cover your tuition, housing in a single with private bathroom, international airfare, local and regional excursions, and program-sponsored activities within London (such as tickets to performances, museums, cultural walks, and more)
  • The core course taught by Professor Sanborn will give you an in-depth knowledge of the city and the country that few other programs could provide
  • This program will fulfill your Foreign Culture Requirement

How much will it cost?

Students will be billed Lafayette College’s tuition and standard room fee; any financial aid that you receive while on campus—except for an on-campus, work-study job or RAship—will be applied automatically to this program as well. This will cover tuition, accommodation in a single room with a private bathroom in a Goldsmiths dormitory (on campus—no commute!), a number of excursions around the U.K. (possibilities include Bath and Stonehenge, Oxford, and Edinburgh), and program-sponsored activities in London. Your international airfare is also covered by your program fees—we will arrange a group flight from JFK or Newark to London, which is included in the cost of the program. A small allowance for a Tube pass is also included.

Students will not be charged for a meal plan because no such plan is offered at Goldsmiths–you would have to provide for your own meals by using the shared kitchen.



World War I has always been the “Great War.” It was the original trauma of the twentieth century for many European nations, including Great Britain. Interest in the origins of the war, in the novel experiences on the front and at home, and on the consequences of the conflict has remained high even as the years (and another world war) intervened. In 2014, the centennial of the start of the war, a new wave of remembrance has commenced in London. There will be exhibits, plays, movies, tours, and book readings throughout the fall all over the city.

This course will provide students with the context to understand the centennial commemorations. We will study the events of the war and the key issues that historians have argued about over the years, but we will also study the phenomenon of collective memory, especially as that memory relates to war and trauma. Much of our investigation will take place in the city itself, in its museums, in the historical monuments of the war, in locations of conflict (London was bombed in the First World War as well as the Second), and in the places where the struggles of the “home front” were most prominent. In sum, we will try to discover what the war meant to people at the time and what it means to British citizens today.

For further information on the faculty-taught course, contact Professor Sanborn at

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