Dear Spring 2020 Study Abroad Students,

For those of you who are already home, we hope that you are settling in. For those who are still traveling, we wish you well on your return.

By now, many of you have received updated learning plans from your programs. In some cases, this may include the option to change courses to pass/fail. If you choose this option through your program, Lafayette will honor this and will also reflect a pass/fail on your transcript. You do not need to do anything through Lafayette in this case. Please be aware of the minimum grade to receive a “pass” in a course as defined by your host program.

If your program has not yet presented this option to you, Lafayette would like to extend the same pass/fail option that has been extended to students enrolled in on-campus courses. The one important and notable difference is that your actual grade will still appear on your program’s record, which may be required for future applications to graduate school, etc. The deadline to request pass/fail through Lafayette is the final week of instruction for your program. Retroactive pass/fail requests will not be approved. To request to convert a course(s) to pass/fail, please complete this survey at least one week before your last day of instruction. 

Withdrawing from Courses
Some programs are extending deadlines to drop courses or withdraw from courses with a W. Our expectation is that you maintain full-time status while enrolled in study abroad programs. Courses from abroad that are worth 3 credits translate to .75 Lafayette credits. Please keep this in mind if you decide to withdraw from a course. We strongly suggest that you speak with your academic adviser before finalizing any such decision in order to determine whether dropping a course would have an impact on your time to graduation or on your major/minor requirements.

Adapting to a Remote Learning Environment
For the vast majority of you, the remote learning environment is a new experience that presents its own challenges. CITLS created a helpful resource to help you navigate online learning.  

Please let me or Daniel Kampsen know if you have any questions about these academic options.

Be well,