There is a lot that goes into planning your study abroad or off-campus study experience. The Office of International & Off-Campus Education is here to support you through that process.

Students can participate in credit-bearing programs abroad for a semester, during a January or May/summer interim period or for shorter durations through various service-oriented programs and activities. Credit-bearing programs may be led by Lafayette faculty (both semester-long and short-term) or offered through affiliated partners (e.g., Boston University, Temple University, Syracuse University, IFSA Butler, IES, SIT, CIEE, etc.). Lafayette offers study abroad programs in over 50 countries and through over 30 partner institutions.

Important Considerations

Academic Focus

We encourage students to consider their academic interests before considering program locations. While there are programs offered in over 50 countries, some programs are better suited for specific majors.

Language of Instruction

While you don’t always need a language background to study in a particular location (many programs in non-English-speaking countries offered courses in English), you may wish to consider if learning or improving a language is important to you, your academics, or your future career goals.


Your options include semester(s), full academic year, an interim term in January or May/summer, or interim/summer external programs.


Programs exist in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Pacific, and throughout the Americas. Some locations are better suited for specific majors. Participation in programs in countries with a Department of State level 3 or 4 travel advisory is subject to a petition process through the International Risk Committee.


Program costs and financial models vary and the Office of International & Off-Campus Education can help guide you through the various cost breakdowns. You may also wish to visit the Financial Planning page for further information.

Types of Programs