Lafayette College does not maintain a list of pre-approved or affiliated programs for summer and interim study abroad. Students may select from the wide range of programs available, provided that the program:

Grades earned on summer and interim study abroad programs are not recorded, however, transfer credit may be applied. Review the full transfer policy here:

Summer and Interim study abroad with non-Lafayette programs is typically a more independent process and students work directly with the program for most matters, including financial payments. For the most part, students will have program approval forms completed through the Registrar’s office.


In addition to the requirements outlined above, there are a few things that students should consider when selecting a summer or winter external program:

  • What is the program calendar? Do the program’s start/end dates conflict with my personal plans, internships, or Lafayette courses? Students are typically not allowed to arrive late or leave programs early in order to accommodate these things.
  • What’s included in the costs of the program? Some programs, but not all, include things like excursions, housing, meals, airfare, and insurance. It’s important to understand which costs you would pay to the program and which you would need to budget for.
  • Does the program offer international insurance? What does it cover?
  • Are there any prerequisites, such as a language requirement?
  • What is the language of instruction?
  • What type of housing is provided?