Bergh Family Fellows (BFF) Funding for External Winter and Summer Programs

Eligible students who participate in an external winter or summer study abroad program may receive up to $5000 to support their experience. This stipend is offered through a generous gift and as part of the Bergh Family Fellows.

Note: Students who participate in Lafayette faculty-led winter and summer programs are automatically considered for BFF funding and should not complete this application.

What are the requirements to receive BFF funding for external winter or summer programs?

Students must meet all of the following requirements to be considered for BFF funding for their external program:

  • Applicants must be Lafayette College students who are eligible for faculty-led winter and summer programs.
    • Not on disciplinary probation level 1 or 2
    • Not on academic probation
  • Applicants must be eligible for financial aid.
  • Program must be eligible for transfer credit as an external winter or summer program
  • Applicants must receive transfer credit for their external program.
  • Applicants cannot register for a Lafayette faculty-led interim program in the same term.
  • Program duration should be at least 17 days on-site.

How do I find an external winter and summer abroad program?

Lafayette does not maintain a list of pre-approved or affiliated winter and summer abroad programs. As a result, the process for external programs is largely independent. Any external program must meet the following requirements to receive Lafayette credit:

  • The external program does not duplicate a Lafayette faculty-led program offered during the same term.
  • The external program offers a U.S. transcript or has a U.S. School of Record.
  • The student has the Registrar’s approval for transfer credit.

Application Procedure

In order to be considered for funding, students must:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements outlined above.
  • Complete the application through the study abroad portal by the deadline (late applications will only be considered on a funding available basis).

Successful applicants will be notified of their award by the Office of International and Off-Campus Education and will be required to complete additional steps in order to receive their award.