Lafayette offers both winter and May/summer interim faculty-led off-campus programs to Lafayette students.

  • Winter: Programs are offered during the winter term running for 3-4 weeks in January (or between December and January; consult individual program brochure pages for exact dates).
  • May/Summer: Programs are offered during the May session or later in the summer running anywhere from 3-8 weeks (consult individual program brochure pages for exact dates).

All interim courses are credit-bearing and offer 1-2 Lafayette credits (depending on program length and course focus). Most interim courses fulfill one or more Common Course of Study requirement. This information can be found on the program brochure pages (linked below in the Programs section). Should there be any discrepancy between the official Banner Catalog and the program brochure page, please contact the Registrar’s Office and/or the Office of International & Off-Campus Education for further information.

Important Dates

Program Information

  • July: Program brochures for the following academic year are updated around this time. Please see Programs section below for current program offerings.
  • August: Program costs for relevant programs are finalized and posted to the program brochure pages around this time.

Registration Timeline – 2021-22 Academic Year

  • Online registration in Banner for Winter and Summer 2022: September 14, 2021 (see important instructions below)
  • Online registration closes: September 15, 2021 at noon EST
  • Registration confirmation and important next steps instructions sent from IOCE: September 20, 2021 (end of day)
  • Financial aid notifications: September 23, 2021
  • NON-REFUNDABLE Program Deposit due for Summer Interim Programs: two weeks after your registration date or by September 28, 2021 (whichever is sooner).


Registration occurs through the Banner Self-Service system (like registration for any other course) and begins at 7:30 am for all students. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be able to register if you have any holds on your account.  Please resolve any holds well in advance of registration day.  Students can find step-by-step registration instructions and information here. You can also find further information below in Important Things to Know About Off-Campus Interim Programs.

Program registration occurs on a first-come first-serve basis. Programs close quickly.  If you aren’t able to get into your course, complete a wait-list application through the study abroad portalNOTE:  You will not be considered for the wait-list for one program if you are registered for another.  If you would like us to be aware of any special considerations when moving students from the wait-list into the course, please express those in your wait-list application rather than contacting IOCE.

Students who do not get into a program are invited to research External Summer and Winter Interim Programs.


Winter 2022

All winter interim programs are currently full. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please complete a waitlist application here.

GEOL 150: The Geological Evolution of the Hawaiian Islands

INDS 174: Global Senegal: Alternative Modernities

INDS 214: Journey to Rome: Approaching and Exploring the Eternal City

INDS 281: London and Dublin Theater *Changed from INDS 280


May/Summer 2022

All summer programs are still accepting applications. Enroll through Banner until 9/15/2021 at noon for priority consideration for financial aid. After 9/15 email to be added to courses. Aid will be distributed to students who enroll after 9/15, while funds remain.

GEOL 160: Geology from A(Arches) to Z(Zion): The Geology of National Parks in the Western United States

GERM 101-102/111-112/201-202: German Language and Culture Immersion in Bonn

INDS 105: Language and Culture: Renaissance Florence

INDS 201: From Plate to Plate: Terroir and the Geology and Agriculture of Food in Italy

INDS 245 & INDS 371: Social and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare in the U.S. and U.K.

Please note that programs may be subject to cancellation any time for force majeure reasons (including but not limited to: under-enrollment, natural or political crises in the host country, COVID-19 concerns, etc.).

Financial Aid

Please read this important information about 2021/22 Financial Aid for interim

Important Things to Know About Off-Campus Interim Programs

How do I register?

Please also see step-by-step registration instructions link in the Registration section for further information.

Off-campus interim program registration occurs on the Banner Self-Service system (like registration for any other course). It is a first-come, first-served system and registration opens at 7:30 am for all students. Students should resolve any account holds prior to registration day. Please see the Important Dates section above for this year’s interim registration date.

Students can only register for one program per interim time period (i.e. one winter interim program and one May/summer interim program). Students may not register for one program and join the waitlist for another program occurring during the same time period. This means once a student has enrolled in a specific off-campus interim program, they will not have the opportunity to switch into another program.

Students who successfully register online for an off-campus interim program must submit a non-refundable deposit of $500 and a color copy of the identity page of their passport to the Office of International & Off-Campus Education (instructions provided to students via the study abroad portal and e-mail). The deadline for submitting these items is listed above in the Important Dates section.

Successful online registration holds a space for a student in a program but it is not confirmation of enrollment. To finalize enrollment students must have a clear disciplinary record (see eligibility page for further information) and submit their $500 non-refundable deposit and a color copy of the identity page of their passport by the deadline stated above in the Important Dates section. No exceptions can be made to this policy and a spot will not be guaranteed unless these requirements are met by the stated deadline.

If a student successfully registers for an off-campus interim program and is no longer able to or interested in participating, they must notify the office in writing by emailing Withdrawing after confirming participation in the program by submitting the program deposit will cause the student to incur any non-recoverable costs that the program places in the student’s name.

What if the program is closed or full?

If all of the off-campus interim programs that interest a student are closed or full, students should register for the Interim Abroad Wait List course. You can find more information about registering for the wait list through the study abroad portal as described above.

All students who register for the Interim Abroad Wait List in the study abroad portal must complete a questionnaire ranking their top two choices of off-campus interim programs in order of preference as well as other information. It is important that students fill out all of the information requested to the best of their ability or else they may not be eligible for wait list selection.

If or when a space becomes available on a program, the Office of International & Off-Campus Education will work to contact an eligible student to see if they are still interested in participating in the program. If interested, the selected student will then enroll via the study abroad portal and will submit the required $500 non-refundable deposit and a color copy of the identity page of their passport. Failure to complete these steps will cause the student to forfeit the space in the program.

Students, parents, etc. should not contact the Office of International & Off-Campus Education to ask where the student is on the wait list. The office will contact the student if or when a space is available to them.

Is it too late to withdraw?

Students who would like to withdraw from an off-campus interim program must withdraw in writing by emailing Any student who withdraws from a program after submitting the deposit will forfeit the $500 non-refundable deposit and will be responsible for any other non-recoverable costs for the program (i.e. airfare, hotel, individual shares of group expenses, etc.).

Optional trip cancellation insurance is available. Students may sign up for the trip cancellation insurance up until the day before the program departs. Please see below for further information.

Note that students whose participation in an off-campus interim program is terminated by Lafayette College for reasons of misconduct will receive neither credit nor refund, will be required to return to the United States immediately, and will bear all expenses related to the changes in itinerary.

What will it cost?

Lafayette College is committed to trying to maintain the cost of off-campus interim programs to make them as affordable as possible. Costs for off-campus interim programs typically range from $4,800-11,000 depending on the program. That amount typically covers tuition, airfare, accommodations, on-site program-related transportation, admission fees to program-sponsored activities, and Lafayette’s overseas health and safety insurance plan. Please see the individual program brochure pages (linked above in the Programs section) for individual program costs.

Is financial aid available?

For Lafayette-Led interim and summer off-campus programs, every student who has successfully registered for an interim or summer program may be eligible for interim grant consideration. There is no separate application. A limited amount of financial support is available. Interim grants may range from a minimum of $1,000 up to a maximum of the specific program costs. Interim Grant amounts offered will be determined based on the specific program costs, level of need, remaining loan eligibility, and the number of eligible registrants. Due to limited funds, students will only be considered if they meet all of the following criteria: Currently receive institutional need-based aid in the form of Lafayette College Grant assistance, AND Have not previously studied abroad (either during an interim or a semester program), AND Register during the online registration window in Banner (usually mid-September, see Interim page for details) for a winter/summer abroad program. The Office of Financial Aid will only send email notifications to students who are awarded an interim grant, indicating their specific interim grant amount, prior to the interim and summer non-refundable deposit deadline.

Funding notifications are made by the Office of Financial Aid (please see Important Dates section above for further details on timing). There is one limited pool of aid for summer and winter interim. Students interested in summer programs should register on the registration date in September in order to ensure consideration for the funding pool. Only students who are awarded funding will be notified.

Marquis Scholar Interim Award

The interim abroad award included as part of the Marquis Scholarships may be applied toward an official off-campus interim program offered by Lafayette College. Marquis scholars are still required to submit the $500 non-refundable deposit upon registering for a program if the cost of the program exceeds the amount of the award (i.e. if the program cost exceeds $4,000). Marquis scholars are responsible for the cost of their passports, visas, and inoculations, any meals not covered in the program cost, any medical costs that may be incurred during the program that are not covered by the Lafayette overseas health and safety insurance plan, and incidentals and personal expenses.


Students enrolled in a Lafayette College off-campus interim program occurring outside the United States are automatically enrolled in the College’s overseas health and safety insurance plan. Students enrolled in a Lafayette College off-campus interim program occurring within the United States should continue to use the health insurance program in which they are already enrolled.