Get Started Sessions provide the basic information necessary for students to begin the study abroad program selection and application process. Attendance at ONE of these sessions is required of all students wishing to study abroad/off-campus on an affiliated semester/academic year program. Get Started Sessions are required before semester study abroad students can meet with a Study Abroad Advisor.

NOTE: Attendance at a Get Started Session is not required for interim and summer programs.

When Should You Attend? 

It is advisable to attend a get started session just as you are beginning to consider your study abroad options. Sessions focus heavily on how to select a program, important policies /procedures, and the application timeline. These topics are best explored as early as possible in the study abroad process.

Get Started Session Schedule 

The Get Started Session Schedule is can be found on the Calendar of Events.

The schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Students interested in learning more about getting started with the study abroad process who are unable to attend one of these scheduled sessions can contact Daniel Kampsen at

Alternatively, use the online scheduler to make two adjacent advising appointments with the Assistant Director or Director.  The subject line in your appointment should be “Individual Get Started Session.”