Just because you’re back on-campus, doesn’t mean you have to put your study abroad or off-campus experience in a box and move on. There are many ways you can begin to incorporate your experience, your new skill sets, and your new self into your on-campus life. Below are some ways you can get involved internationally and culturally on-campus:

Complete a Program Evaluation for your study abroad or off-campus program

Completing the Program Evaluation allows you to reflect on different aspects of your experience and also helps the Office of International & Off-Campus Education better serve future study abroad and off-campus students. You can find the Program Evaluation by signing in to your Study Abroad portal.

Volunteer with our office

The Office of International & Off-Campus Education carries out many events on campus for which we could use your help. For instance, every September we hold the annual Study Abroad Fair in which returned students can help by sharing their own experiences with other students at program tables. Check out the College calendar for upcoming events and reach out to our office for more information.

Compete in the photo contest

Every year the Office of International & Off-Campus Education holds a photo contest for all returned and currently off-campus students. Be on the look-out for e-mails with more information!

Volunteer in the community and beyond

Continue the adventure by meeting people of various backgrounds through volunteer opportunities available through the Landis Center. Volunteer opportunities also provide you with a way to continue shaping the skill set you gained during your off-campus experience.

Join an on-campus club with an international or cultural focus

Clubs like the International Affairs club and other cultural and social organizations provide opportunities for returned students to continue broadening their perspectives. You can find information about various clubs and organizations here.

Reach out to (other) international students

You don’t have to be off-campus to have an international and intercultural experience. If you’re interested in learning about ways to meet international students on-campus, check out the International Students Association or e-mail studyabroad@lafayette.edu.

Submit to Global Expressions

Global Expressions: Writing Beyond the Mother Tongue is an online magazine that seeks to celebrate and recognize the multi-language writers at Lafayette College and develop intercultural communications within our community. They are seeking contributors and translators/editors.

Study abroad again!

Check the Eligibility page to see if you qualify to participate in another international or domestic off-campus experience during the semester, winter, or summer. Explore your options on the Program Search page or via the Office of Scholarships and Fellowships!