Mandatory Program-Specific Advising

The Office of International & Off-Campus Education requires each semester-long affiliated study abroad student  to complete an advising session. This session can be scheduled online under the “Staff” section of the website. Prior to this one-on-one meeting, students should have attended a Get Started Session, researched possible study abroad programs, and developed a list of program “must haves”. One-on-one advising meetings are most successful when students have done some research, and have at least a baseline understanding of the type of experience they hope to have while abroad.

Regardless of this advising requirement, it remains the student’s ultimate responsibility to research and select an appropriate study abroad program, with the support of the Office of International & Off-Campus Education and the student’s academic department(s).

Initial Academic Advising for Study Abroad

The Office of International & Off-Campus Education encourages students to meet with their academic advisers from the beginning of the study abroad planning process. Specific to semester study abroad, students should speak with their academic advisers about their major/minor requirements, course sequencing, and flexibility of course sequencing. This will help give students an idea of when they should study abroad and what courses they should be/should not be seeking.

Following the mandatory advising meeting with International & Off-Campus Education, students should be prepared to provide academic advisers with the information needed to assess programs or courses (including syllabi, accreditation information, etc.). Students are instructed to speak with their academic adviser/academic department about the appropriateness of courses on any given study abroad program. All other information and questions (i.e. application process, housing options, program dates, deadlines, etc.) should be directed to the Office of International & Off-Campus Education.