While nationally women make up 65% of the study abroad population, there are still several concerns females may have regarding studying abroad or off-campus. When traveling internationally, it’s important to remember that women are perceived and treated differently in different cultures. There are differing gender roles, differing perspectives on suitable clothing, differing opinions of what is appropriate and inappropriate attention from men, differences in the cultural norms of friendships and dating, etc. These differences can affect a female student’s study abroad experience, including the expectations women bring into their off-campus study experience; their values, beliefs, and perspectives; and the day-to-day experience a woman might have abroad or off-campus.

Below are some links to help inform and support female students as they plan and prepare to study abroad. The resources are not all-inclusive but are a good starting point to help female students prepare for their off-campus study experience. Please also feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with the Office of International & Off-Campus Education.