Student-Athletes make great study abroad participants. Already well-versed in organization, flexibility, and perseverance, student-athletes have already honed many of the skills needed to have a successful and enjoyable study abroad experience. Student-athletes will face some challenges, though. Timing a study abroad experience among athletic, academic, and social commitments can be tricky. Additionally, keeping up with a workout regimen and athletic skills while studying abroad takes preparation. It’s important for student-athletes to speak to their coaches, student-athlete support services through the Academic Resource Hub (formerly known as ATTIC), academic advisor, and the Office of International & Off-Campus Education to find the best time and location to go abroad, to talk about NCAA compliance and eligibility, and to prepare for academic, athletic, and personal needs while abroad. With planning, student-athletes can have a successful international experience and can utilize their athletic skills to take advantage of sport-related cultural immersion opportunities while abroad.

Below are some links to help inform and support student-athletes as they plan and prepare to study abroad. The resources are not all-inclusive but are a good starting point to help student-athletes prepare for their off-campus study experience. Please also feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with the Office of International & Off-Campus Education.