Students with disabilities is a broad term that can encompass a wide variety of challenges that students face in their everyday lives. Whether a student is living with a physical impairment, structured mental health management, or is in need of academic support services, these students will need to prepare to continue managing these aspects of their lives while abroad. It is important that students work with the Academic Resource Hub (formerly known as ATTIC), the College Counseling Center, the Office of International & Off-Campus Education, and the host institution abroad to collect and communicate information and to arrange appropriate support abroad. Early planning is encouraged and often necessary as the host institution abroad may have to take several steps in order to prepare to adequately support a student with a disability. It’s also important to keep in mind that every culture views disability differently in their perceptions, norms, and laws. Some study abroad locations will offer more adequate support services than others. The good news is that, for many students with a disability, skills like flexibility and perseverance are already highly developed and will be helpful when adapting to a new place and culture.

Below are some links to help inform and support students with disabilities as they plan and prepare to study abroad. The resources are not all-inclusive but are a good starting point to help students with disabilities prepare for their off-campus study experience. Please also feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with the Office of International & Off-Campus Education.